Wednesday, March 6, 2019

You are Making Facebook King of the World, Be Aware

Today most of country about 95% runs Today Facebook eating all website, blogsite, TV, FM or any local and national advertising method. As a IT personal I find this is most dangerous than terrorism in world, to the IT personal, to TV channel and any other ad media. Because Facebook will eat all those traditional ad method one day.

Most country is fully addicted to Facebook, they can't remove it from their country any way. Such as in Nepal now it is impossible to get away from it. Thousand of people now depend on the Facebook. If you retreat Facebook they will be unemployed.

But see the very wrong side: as I mentioned above and the addiction to fb chat, fb video, fb message is overcoming in everywhere. And Facebook creating many criminal activities and death causes. Isn't Facebook is responsible for it.

So think before using Facebook like addict. You make it King of the world of make your own world your own king. What happens if King of the world appear in the world, you know about that. It will rule one day as Hitler.

So stay safe, don't addict to Facebook. Apply local advertising, chat and messaging method as well. Thank you.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Website vs Facebook

Today people prefer Facebook than making Website. Because Facebook have more advantage than making Website but only for short term. Facebook don't need making SEO for Facebook, free of cost, faster loading than website, more engaging and of course the inbuilt system like chats, live broadcast, comments etc.

As a website developer I don't recommend depend totally on Facebook. Facebook has some de-factors as well. Such as: Facebook only displays the recently post, it has lack of information security system, advertisement appearance in every posts, Facebook also eat much bandwidth than any other portals and most country has banned using Facebook.

Website have slow progress in engagement but it will better performs after good SEO. And you need no payment for advertisement. Also no need to login to Facebook. All your service and products displays at once in home page. So consider using your own domain website. Thank you.

Rajesh Maharjan
Website Designer Developer
Kathmandu Nepal
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Monday, April 24, 2017

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Nepal Website Designer

I am Rajesh Maharjan. I am IT professional building website day by day. I have seven year of working experience in website design field. Designing website require complete graphic design ideas as well as html/css coding.

I have experienced in all administrative work in website design. You will receive beginning to end service for your website needed. Wordpress back-end is most preferred website design tool in nowadays for easy and secure website.

Early Designs:

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saturday, February 11, 2017

How to make a website?

Website making steps as given below:
1. Register a domain name
2. Apply hosting for space fro ISP
3. Design website for your company
4. Have programming if require
5. Upload to cpanel and run
6. The website will available 24 hour 365 days.

Call: 9840070648 / 9803012080

Free Website Hosting in Nepal

Website hosting free for year. You need to give me your domain name, email and phone number. Domain should be in .org .com means in short URLs. The hosting is only for static websites. The hosting may contain ads.

You can test it for while if not ok transfer to paid. I can show you the affordable website hosting i Nepal.

Call: 9840070648. 9803012080